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Incredible aerial footage of Belfast in the 1930s - from the Belfast Telegraph's archives

This birds-eye view of Belfast shows the shape of the city's skyline through its industrial and manufacturing years.

The 1920s and 30s saw Belfast suffer high unemployment. However, in the run up to the Second World War, industry boomed.

The ship building and manufacturing industries created a wealth of products and jobs, making the docks and shipyard areas that we see here the epicentre for Northern Irish employment.

The video shows the heart of Belfast's economy, beating strong under the pressure of a looming war.

Passing over the docks and heading towards Belfast city centre, the video shows a low density skyline which is substantially low in height apart from civic and public buildings which take pride of place, showing dominance of the state.

The docks is the exception here, where private enterprise claimed the east of the city.

As the video glides from the docks over to what is now the city centre, we see Belfast City Hall.

City Hall was completed in 1906 and now effectively divides the commercial and business areas of the city centre.

The video quickly takes in views of housing around Belfast City centre where we can see hundreds of smoking chimneys. This shows how densely popular the city centre was with both industry and the general public.

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