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Ballymun residents protest over housing delays

Residents of the Ballymun tower blocks have taken to the streets of the north Dublin suburb in protest at the delays on their new homes.

As part of the Government's Ballymun Regeneration project, the old tower blocks were demolished and replaced with more modern accommodation.

But these protestors remain on in the James Connolly tower seven years after they were promised new homes by Ballymun Regenerated Limited.

Demonstrator John McCarthy says his family are living in a rat infested flat while they wait for their new house to be finished:

"The conditions we're living in at the moment are a disgrace," he said.

"The tower block we're in is rat invested. We've been flooded three times in the space of seven weeks. And it's just like Dublin City Council, BRL and the powers that be are washing their hands of this."


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