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Dodds tells SF not to expect any more from DUP

The DUP's Nigel Dodds has made an uncompromising statement this evening telling Sinn Fein it won't get any more from his party on policing.

The statement told republicans to get on with endorsing the police and not to expect any political concessions from the DUP.

What is almost as telling as the language of this statement is that it was issued through the official DUP press office.

Previously, it had appeared Nigel Dodds was making a solo run in his hard line statements, but this one has the party's stamp on it.

Mr Dodds said Sinn Fein aren't going to get a different answer from the DUP no matter how long they keep demanding one.

Sinn Fein must support the police without concessions, he said, the DUP is not required to give any commitments on devolving of policing and justice.

One thing is certain, said Mr Dodds, there is no support in the unionist community for this generation of Sinn Fein leaders to have any control over policing.


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