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FG councillor says he sees nothing wrong with drink-driving

A South Tipperary county councillor is set to be sacked from Fine Gael after openly admitting that he sees nothing wrong with drink-driving.

In a radio interview yesterday, 50-year-old Michael Fitzgerald admitted that he gets behind the wheel after three of four pints and sees nothing wrong with this.

His comments have been slammed by the Road Safety Authority and by Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny, who is making moves to have Mr Fitzgerald expelled from the party.

The councillor, who has a previous conviction for drink-driving, claims motorists under the influence of alcohol are being wrongly targeted for causing the ongoing carnage on Ireland's roads.

He says the introduction of random breath-testing is killing off traditional pub culture in rural areas, with people even afraid to drink at home in case they are breathalysed the following morning.

However, the RSA says it believes 30 lives have been saved since the introduction of random breath tests, which are widely supported by the public.


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