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Ganley reveals reasons for Lisbon return

Declan Ganley said he decided to re-enter the debate on Lisbon because of the astonishing degree of misrepresentation from 'Yes' campaigners.

The Libertas founder revealed details of his new 'No' campaign in Dublin this afternoon, despite vowing to bow out of public life after he was defeated in the European elections in June.

Mr. Ganley claims he was persuaded to make a come-back,

"We have decided to enter the fray on the Lisbon re-debate for a number of reasons. One in particular because of the astonishing degree of misrepresentation that has being coming from the proponents of overturning the Irish people's decision on the Lisbon treaty that was made last year."

But the Taoiseach is rejecting Declan Ganley's claims that the 'Yes' camp has been lying to the public.

Brian Cowen insists that voters' concerns about tax autonomy and retaining an EU commissioner have been completely addressed.

Mr. Cowen says the Libertas Leaders' new campaign will not phase the Government.


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