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Taoiseach refuses to answer media questions over payments controversy

The Taoiseach refused to comment this afternoon on the mounting controversy surrounding money he got from friends in 1993.

Bertie Ahern was at Dublin Zoo to launch a conservation programme, but declined to take questions from over fifty members of the media who were present.

The Minister for Health Mary Harney said she expected that Mr. Ahern would clarify matters relating to the payments he received when he was Finance Minister.

Meanwhile the opposition have been utilising every opportunity to exploit the controversy. Labour's Liz McManus said that public office holders must adhere to higher standards than others.

"How much the money was, who gave it to him for what reason did they give it to him and was there any return for it?" She questioned.

"We need to have the answer for it and I find it strange that the Taoiseach refuses to answer simple questions.


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