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British Government panel to publish report on how to settle legacy to Northern conflict

The joint chairman of the British Government appointed panel looking into how to settle the legacy of the Northern conflict have said they will publish their report.

The two chairmen of the Consultative Group on the Past have said they will go ahead with publishing their conclusions whether or not they are officially approved.

Some claim London set up the panel, jointly chaired by the former primate of the Church of Ireland, Lord Eames, and the ex deputy chair of the Policing Board, Denis Bradley, to long-finger any potentially embarrassing revelations.

But insiders claim the two men have been genuinely shocked, both at the depth of the pain expressed by victims at public meetings.

And by the extent of collusion between state forces and paramilitaries, loyalist and republican , that they have read about in confidential documents and reports.

The two co-chairmen have said they will go ahead and publish their recommendations unofficially, even if London decides not to.

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