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Poll shows declining popularity of Taoiseach

A new opinion poll published today has found that the popularity of the Taoiseach is declining.

The Sunday Independent telephone poll of 500 homes around the country shows a 5 per cent drop in the number of people willing to put Bertie Ahern back in office after the general election.

Support for current Taoiseach now stands at 59 per cent, down 5 points on the previous poll last month.

There's good news for Enda Kenny though, he's benefiting from those lost votes - his popularity has risen to 41 per cent.

The Fianna F€il/PD coalition remains firmly on top, however, when it comes to choosing the next government.

They've gained an extra two percentage points, bringing them to 42 per cent.

The alternative Fine Gael/Labour/Green option actually dropped 2 per cent, leaving them at 34 per cent.

Another possible government alliance, Fianna F€il and Labour, fell by a massive 9 points and now stands at 14 per cent.


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