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US students to study peace process

US law students keen to learn from the success of the peace process are being drawn to Northern Ireland, Queen's University has said.

Almost 60 students and professors from one of America's leading law schools have opted to study in Belfast this summer for an intensive programme in conflict resolution and international law.

The students and staff from Fordham Law School in New York have arrived to begin courses taught by both Fordham and Queen's academics.

The US team will also visit the Assembly and meet MLAs from all the major political parties.

Queen's said the course is quickly becoming a destination of choice for summer study by US law students.

Professor Michael Martin, from Fordham Law School said: "This programme was inspired by the 1998 Belfast Agreement's cross-Atlantic and cross-border co-operation, which we are proud and fortunate to continue to nurture.

"Fordham Law students leave Belfast with rich memories of this beautiful city and a significantly deeper understanding of Northern Ireland's progress and the challenges to come."

The students will visit the courts and the Bar Library in Belfast, hold discussions with legal practitioners and are also scheduled to meet members of the police service.

Many of the students will then take on internships with the courts, the Police Ombudsman, the Commission for Victims and Survivors, and the Committee on the Administration of Justice, before returning to their studies in the autumn.

The Fordham's programme is officially sponsored by Queen's, along with University College Dublin, and the group will later travel to Dublin to conclude their summer schedule.


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