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India launches test missile

India successfully test-fired its Brahmos supersonic cruise missile it jointly

developed with Russia, according to reports today.

The missile, designed to carry conventional warheads, was fired from India's

main missile testing centre in Orissa state in eastern India, the Press Trust of

India said.

The agency quoted an unnamed defence ministry official as saying the launch

was successful but data would have to be analysed before a final evaluation

could be made.

The Brahmos has a target range of 180 miles and can carry up to 660lbs of

conventional warheads.

New Delhi and Islamabad regularly test-fire missiles, but normally only give

each other notice for long-range launches. It was not immediately clear whether

India informed neighbouring Pakistan, also a declared nuclear power, ahead of

today's test.

India says such tests - especially of non-nuclear capable missiles - are aimed

at preparing its armoury or inducting new weapons.

The Brahmos, named after India's Brahmaputra River and Russia's Moscow River,

was developed by a joint venture company set up by India and Russia nearly 10

years ago.


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