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US accuses Iran over Iraq bombs

The US military has detected a significant increase in the number of

sophisticated roadside bombs appearing in Iraq and believes that orders to send

components for them came from the ``highest levels'' of the Iranian government.

A senior US intelligence officer today told reporters - on the condition he

was not identified - that that between June 2004 and last week, more than 170

Americans had been killed by the sophisticated bombs, referred to by the

military as ``explosively formed projectiles.''

Those weapons are capable of destroying an Abrams tank.

The officer said American intelligence analysts believe the EFPs are

manufactured in Iran and smuggled into Iraq on orders from the top of the

Iranian government. He did not elaborate.

US officials have alleged for years that weapons were entering the country

from Iran but had stopped short of alleging involvement by top Iranian leaders.

The allegations were made in a briefing which had been set for last week. But

US defence officials said it was postponed so that the Pentagon could review the

information to make sure it was accurate.


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