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Baby croc Fawkes makes it snappy

Published 11/04/2013

Baby crocodile Fawkes measures just 30cm (Deep Sea World/PA)
Baby crocodile Fawkes measures just 30cm (Deep Sea World/PA)

He may only measure 12in (30cm) but the teeth of baby crocodile Fawkes are razor-sharp, as his new keepers have found out.

Staff at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry, Fife, say the Cuvier's dwarf caiman crocodile has proved quite a handful since arriving from the attraction's sister aquarium in Cheshire.

Fawkes was born close to Bonfire Night last year at the Blue Planet Aquarium and is preparing to go on show at his new home later this year.

Deep Sea World's Michael Morris said: "Although he is still only small, Fawkes can be quite a handful and you still have to be careful as he has razor-sharp teeth.

"He's part of an ongoing captive breeding programme for the species and we're delighted to be able to look after him here at Deep Sea World."

The Cuvier's dwarf caiman is the smallest surviving member of the crocodile family found in the Americas. Fully grown adult males reach up to 5ft (1.6m).

They are found throughout South America and live in freshwater habitats like rivers, flooded forests and lakes.

The main threat to their survival comes from habitat destruction and pollution through gold mining and other industrial activities.

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