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Friday 19 September 2014

Boris left dangling from zipwire

London Mayor Boris Johnson was left hanging in mid-air after he got stuck on a zipwire at an Olympic event at Victoria Park
London Mayor Boris Johnson as he is left hanging in mid-air after he got stuck on a zipwire

London Mayor Boris Johnson has been left hanging after he got stuck in mid-air on a zipwire at an Olympic event.

Mr Johnson tried out the 148ft (45m) high, 1,050ft (320m) long line as he visited Victoria Park in the capital.

Wearing a hard hat and waving two Union flags, things seemed to go swimmingly at first.

But as he reached the end of the line it rebounded before running out of momentum about 33ft (10m) above the ground.

The mayor was left dangling inelegantly from his harness for about five minutes above a crowd of onlookers who happily snapped photographs on their mobile phone.

One shouted: "I heard Ken Livingstone set up the zipline." Mr Johnson responded: "This is great fun but it needs to go faster."

Always keen to take an opportunity to promote the Olympics, he spent his time cheering on Team GB athletes and encouraging tourists to visit London. He shouted to helpers: "Get me a rope or a ladder."

Eventually event staff pulled him to safety.

Prime Minister David Cameron was asked about the Mayor's mishap following a speech to the Global Health Policy Summit in London.

Mr Cameron said: "If any other politician anywhere in the world was stuck on a zipwire it would be a disaster. For Boris, it's an absolute triumph."

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