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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Dancing inmates inspire prison film

Irish actor Patrick Bergin, left, talks to Filipino heartthrob Dingdong Dantes during a scene in Dance of the Steel Bars (Portfolio Films/AP)
Inmates of Cebu provincial prison perform during the filming of the movie Dance of the Steel Bars (Portfolio Films/AP)

Filipino inmates whose choreographed Thriller dance has attracted 52 million YouTube hits since 2007 are getting their own stories told in a movie.

Director Marnie Manicad said the action drama Dance of the Steel Bars was shot in the Cebu provincial prison, the same place where the inmates dressed in orange uniforms danced to global fame.

It stars Irish actor Patrick Bergin, who played Julia Roberts' husband in Sleeping with the Enemy, and Filipino heartthrob Dingdong Dantes.

The Dubai-based producer, Portfolio Productions, said the fictional redemption story follows Bergin's character, a retired US firefighter and philanthropist wrongly jailed for murder in the Philippines. He befriends Filipino dancing inmates who struggle with a corrupt prison system.

Manicad co-directed the movie with Cesar Apolinario. It will be released in June.

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