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Monday 20 October 2014

Drivers 'not confident on parking'

A survey found many people changed their plans when they lacked the confidence or skill to get their vehicle into a parking space

A plague of parking phobias is putting the brake on drivers' confidence, according to a survey.

Poor parallel parking skills are leading drivers to doubt their ability, with women particularly having trouble with this manoeuvre, the AA/Populus survey found.

As many as 25% of women motorists and 16% of all drivers said they were not confident about lining their vehicle up between others.

Drivers in the east of England were the least confident about parallel parking, while Londoners were the most confident.

The survey of 20,073 adults showed that 19% had changed their plans at the last minute as they lacked the confidence or skill to get their vehicle into the parking space provided.

Women (28%) were twice as likely as men (14%) to change their parking plans in this way.

As many as a quarter of all drivers said they had blacklisted roads as they found the parking manoeuvres too hard, while 29% have shunned certain car parks for the same reason, with motorists in Scotland, Wales, eastern England and south east England most likely to have done this.

AA Driving School managing director Jim Kirkwood said: "Parking problems are causing a needless headache for a big proportion of UK drivers.

"Avoiding certain roads and car parks because you don't think you have the skills to park in them, let alone changing plans at the last minute after a parking drama, highlights a skills gap that can easily be addressed.

"Drivers should not feel they are beyond help - most people can overcome their driving problems with a little professional tuition and guidance."

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