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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Family scores a 100% school record

Chloe Ghent, 16, the last of the siblings to finish school, is about to take her GCSEs

Three siblings have all finished school without ever having a day off.

Holly Ghent, 20, and siblings Daniel, 18, and Chloe, 16, each have a 100% attendance record over a 12-year period - spanning around 7,000 days.

Daniel almost put the record in jeopardy when he suffered a burst appendix but luckily it happened in August, during the summer holidays.

Chloe is the last to complete her schooling, as she finished classes last week ahead of her GCSE exams.

The siblings all attended Hanham High and Christchurch Primary School in Hanham, Bristol.

Their mother Janet Ghent, 54, told the Western Daily Press: "They had the usual coughs and colds but were able to keep on going.

"They seem to like the atmosphere. As each one got through infant school without missing a day, we thought it would be nice if they could continue like that and do it for all of their schooling."

Daniel is now training to be a doctor, Holly is studying at Cardiff University and Chloe will return to school to complete her exams

Mrs Ghent is a cook at a nursery school and unable to take holidays during term-time.

She added that husband Steve, a bank manager, would not consider taking the children out of school.

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