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Thursday 17 April 2014

Ford to unveil 100mpg solar hybrid

Ford is to unveil a 100mpg solar hybrid concept car.

Ford is to unveil a solar-powered concept car capable of 100 miles per gallon that offers the same performance as a plug-in hybrid - but without the need for a plug.

The C-MAX Solar Energi Concept car, which will be revealed at this month's International CES gadget show in Las Vegas, uses a petrol engine combined with a gizmo that acts like a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun's rays on the vehicle's roof-mounted solar panels.

Ford says the vehicle's estimated combined mileage is 100 miles per gallon.

By using solar power instead of an electric plug, the manufacturer says a typical owner will reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by four tonnes.

The company sold about 85,000 hybrid or electric vehicles last year, including 6,300 units of its C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.


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