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Girl sends tooth fairy money to PM

A six-year-old girl who sent her tooth fairy money to David Cameron said she wanted to help him "make the country better and pay for jobs".

Niamh Riley from Irlam, Greater Manchester, wrote to the Prime Minister earlier this year after hearing about the economic plight.

The excited youngster watched on television as the Tory leader hailed her contribution to deficit reduction efforts in his keynote speech to the party's conference in Birmingham.

"I got a letter from a six-year-old girl called Niamh with a pound coin stuck to it," he told activists - hailing her as a figurehead for his "Big Society" vision.

As he appealed to the nation to "pull together" to help get through the financial crisis, he went on: "There was a note from her mum which said: Dear Mr Cameron ... after hearing about the budget, Niamh wanted to send you her tooth fairy money to help.

"There we are, George - nearly there," he joked to Chancellor George Osborne.

Niamh's mother Regina, 29, set the television to record the speech but in the end a playground accident meant the young donor was able to watch it live with her family.

"I was running and I slipped over between two puddles. It is still stinging but I got to watch David Cameron. I was really excited. I did not think he was going to mention my name," she said.

"I heard about it (the state of the economy) and I wanted to write a letter. I wanted him to get the letter with the pound to make the country better and pay for jobs.

Asked how she thought Mr Cameron's Government was doing on that score, she said: "He is really good. He is brave to stand up in front of all those people."


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