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Thursday 18 September 2014

Leopard wounds 11 people in village

A leopard attacks a forest guard after it strayed into a village and mauled several villagers (AP)
The leopard attacks a forest guard as another runs for cover (AP)

A leopard that mauled 11 people in a fierce showdown with Indian villagers has died of knife wounds after being captured.

The adult male leopard leapt at locals and forest officials as they tried to drive it into a wildlife sanctuary in West Bengal state.

Forest official Dharma Dev Rai says villagers used knives, stones and batons to beat back the cat.

It injured six villagers, a policeman and four forest guards before being hit with a tranquilliser gun.

The people are recovering from their injuries, mostly swipes from the cat's claws.

Leopards are protected in India though more are straying into villages for food.

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