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Saturday 19 April 2014

Meeting over SpongeBob gravestone

Kimberly Walker's headstone was made in the likeness of popular cartoon character SpongeBob (AP)

Officials at a cemetery that removed a slain war veteran's SpongeBob SquarePants headstone are planning to meet with the soldier's family to explore possible solutions.

Kimberly Walker's headstone was made in the likeness of the popular cartoon character and erected at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati on October 10. Her family says they were told to remove it the next day even though the cemetery previously approved the design.

The family says they are beyond distraught. They say the towering 13,000 US dollars (£8,000) headstone was perfect for Walker, who loved SpongeBob.

Walker was killed in Colorado earlier this year, allegedly by her boyfriend.

Spring Grove President Gary Freytag says the headstone was approved by an employee who made "an error in judgment".

Officials will meet with Walker's family on Tuesday.

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