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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Red phone box finds home on warship

Published 18/03/2013

A traditional telephone box is brightening up the deck of HMS Westminster
A traditional telephone box is brightening up the deck of HMS Westminster

A classic red BT phone box has been installed on a Royal Navy warship as a reminder of life back home for the crew as they take part in operations around the globe.

The kiosk was brought on board HMS Westminster while she was docked on the River Thames as part of the 75th birthday celebrations for HMS Belfast.

The phone box will take up the role of the quartermaster's telephone whenever the Portsmouth-based warship is in port, both in the UK and abroad.

Steven Hughes, CEO of BT Payphones, said: "It's fantastic to see our red kiosk joining the ranks of the Royal Navy and I think it already looks very much at home.

"HMS Westminster travels the globe representing the UK and helps support people who find themselves in dire emergencies. We are really delighted to provide a kiosk that can be used by the crew when they are docked.

"Our red kiosks really capture the public's imagination and many have been adopted around the UK and used in unusual ways. But being aboard a working navy ship is going to take some beating."

Lieutenant Commander Mickey Rooney, weapon engineering officer on HMS Westminster, said: "We couldn't be prouder to be carrying an icon of the country's high streets as we protect the UK's interests worldwide."

Deputy Mayor of London Victoria Borwick said: "The red phone box is one of our most iconic structures, one that is recognised across the globe.

"As HMS Westminster sails around the world, this great British symbol not only showcases our wonderful heritage, but also signifies the critical role that communication plays on the international stage in the 21st century."

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