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Teenagers 'harder work than babies'

Most parents say bringing up a teenager is more hard work than newborn babies - with those aged 13 the biggest handful, a survey has revealed.

More than half (53%) of the 1,145 UK parents surveyed said bringing up teenagers was harder than caring for a newborn baby.

Nearly a quarter of parents claimed 13-year-olds were the most difficult, the Netmums research showed.

But by the time children reach 17, parents say their relationship with them dramatically improves, with just one in 50 families saying they still have issues.

Teens' refusal to help at home was the biggest flashpoint for parents, with 55% of families rowing over it.

Just under two in five (39%) argued over teenagers' laziness and a third fought over teens' lack of interest in their school work.

The difficulties of being a teenager in the 21st century were also laid bare, with three in five parents admitting their child suffered from "anxiety".

Almost half of these teens (49%) worried about "being cool and fitting in", the Netmums research showed.

A further 47% worried about their popularity on social networks while 38% fretted about their weight.

But only 42% were concerned about passing exams or going to college and just a over quarter (27%) of teenagers were anxious about getting a job in the future, according to the research.


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