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UK Coastguard rung over French fall

An English woman who fell and dislocated her leg on a French beach was rescued by dialling 999 and asking the British Coastguard for help.

The woman was walking with her husband on a beach near Sangatte, Calais, when she fell and injured herself, according to Dover Coastguard.

A spokesman said the husband tried to contact French emergency services but was unable to get through.

He dialled 999 and managed to get through to the UK Coastguard who were able to patch their call through to French emergency services.

The spokesman added that the French fire service was scrambled to locate the woman and help bring her to an ambulance which took her to hospital for treatment.

He said: "They were walking along a rocky beach when the woman fell and dislocated her leg.

"They couldn't get hold of the French emergency services so they dialled 999.

"We were able to set up a conference call and they sent the French fire service.

"They had to find them before the high water came in and the fire service was able to locate them and the woman was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment."


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