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Company Snapshot: Stream Intl (NI) Ltd

By John Simpson

Stream International is a successful call centre based in Derry City. Its activities are described as providing customer service and technical support via telephone and email for computer hardware and software products.

Annual turnover revenue and numbers employed have fluctuated from year to year. The changes in turnover have also been reflected in the levels of operating profits. The trading performance in 2006 was the least successful of the past decade and operating profits fell to £272,000. This contrasts with over £4.7m in 2001.

Operating profits in 2007 improved significantly on 2006.

A further feature of 2007 was a higher level of capital expenditure on the assets of the local company. Employment in 2007, averaging 633 employees was the second highest total in this decade.

Stream International (NI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Stream Holdings Corporation which, in turn, is owned by Stream Global Services Inc (formerly known as Global BPO Services Corp). The Northern Ireland subsidiary posted a large dividend to its parent company in 2004 which reduced the balance sheet value of the shareholders local funds.

Since December 2004, the balance sheet value of shareholders funds has risen from £4.1m to £5.3m in December 2007.

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