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Advanced mobile apps can help production run smoothly

Question: I run a small manufacturing firm. Are there any tools that can help me improve management of the production line?

Jerry Staple, operations director at Origin Partners replies:

The manufacturing sector has always looked towards new technology to streamline process management.

And for many, the new functionality of mobile devices is generating lucrative business opportunities.

In production lines, the technology can grant managers easy and remote access to real-time figures enabling early interventions if needed.

Within small production centres, tablet-based applications custom built to tackle a specific problem are becoming more the norm than the exception.

They are simple to use, economical to develop and they can be developed to satisfy just about every business need from tracing supply chains, to processing orders and coordinating distribution and deliveries.

User-friendly programmes can cut down on the time required for completing repetitive monitoring tasks and the margin for human error.

For managers, it can also provide closer information sharing between critical departments accelerating decision making and improving logistical planning.

The functions on mobile devices can be leveraged to support production in a physical sense too.

Cameras can automatically measure the dimensions of products as part of the quality assurance process and simple features like spirit levels can be developed to give employees an integrated toolkit.

Small businesses are always looking for ways to decrease overheads and improve sales.

A mobile app can help achieve those goals and a whole lot more.

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