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No reason to stop work if snow keeps you at home

Question: Our business has lost a lot of time and productivity over the last number of weeks. What can IT do to minimise the effect that the cold weather has on this?

Iain O’Kane, managing director of Xperience replies:

Industry experts put the cost to UK businesses of the recent snowfall at more than £6bn, as workers stayed at home, businesses struggled to maintain supplies and transport networks jammed. Of course, little can be done to control the availability of gritters to clear the roads but IT solutions can minimise the impact of further bad weather and keep employees working productively when they are away from their desks.

Technology from the likes of Pegasus Accounting Software can help business owners in Northern Ireland to mitigate against financial losses associated to employee absence, by allowing executives to run their businesses from any locaction.

Managing directors, financial directors or sales directors can use their own PC or a company supplied-Notebook PC on a standard broadband connection to provide a visual representation of key business information in what is similar to an aeroplane or vehicle dashboard.

Each manager or director can define their own individual dashboards depending on their role within the company. These dashboards are linked to Pegasus Opera in real time so the information displayed over the internet is live and up-to-the-minute.

By viewing these key performance indicators or stock levels managers and directors can make informed business decisions quickly and effectively to maintain a competitive edge.

The major financial software vendors now provide management modules which enable senior executives not only to access their e-mails, but to run reports and operate all functions of their business from any location.

So, Pegasus Opera 3 Dashboards solution enables business reports on all functions to be created from home, so when the snow falls, productivity is not impacted.

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