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Sustainability practices makes all the difference

Question: Will developing sustainable practices within our business help deliver long term success and how do we drive it internally?

Gary McFarlane director of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health NI answers:

Businesses which put sustainability practices at the core of their organisations will undoubtedly benefit from an enhanced reputation and corporate brand image and are more likely to survive in the current economic climate.

Becoming truly sustainable requires a method of bringing corporate responsibility initiatives together in a cohesive way that aligns with a business strategy, strengthens a brand and demonstrates a return to shareholders.

This in turn will lead to an increased sense of ownership, while enhancing the credibility of an organisation's performance.

In the current tough trading conditions addressing sustainability principles now will deliver long term success and help to drive economic competitiveness.

Sustainability is not a fad, it's a new way of doing business.

Incorporating sustainability as a business practice not only gives your organisation a competitive advantage but will increase your company's brand value, improve employee satisfaction and enhance stakeholder relations.


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