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The missing ingredient

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When choosing a career change or going for an interview you can do all your research, compile an amazing application, have an excellent business plan, but if you don't have the confidence then opportunities can be lost.

Confidence is the missing ingredient in getting the job/ career you want. The good news is that everyone has it ... but it might be buried deep down. So how do we unearth it?

  • Think positive. Turn your attentions to your strengths — things you can as opposed to those you can't. Focus on how you would like things to be or how you want an interview to go, visualise in your mind (or write it down) how you would like to feel, look and sound and play this picture over and over in your head.
  • Talk to yourself. If you are feeling nervous about an interview tell yourself to calm down, reassure yourself it will pass, all you can do is your best.
  • Let go. If you've had bad experiences of interviews or jobs in the past let it go. Treat every situation as if for the first time. Ask yourself what you learned from previous mistake.
  • Get perspective. Ask friends and colleagues to name two strengths you have. Objective feedback can give you a clearer picture.
  • And finally ... believe. You might not feel confident but if you have the belief that you could feel more confident then there is no stopping you.

Make sure you have ALL the ingredients when looking for a new job or career change.

Advice provided by Helen McDonnell, Personal and Executive Coach. For more information, go to or call 07719 302988.

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