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When recruiting staff it's essential to know exactly what you are looking for

Question : My business is picking up and I am in a position to hire a new staff member - how do I find the right person amongst a deluge of CVs?

Kim Johnston, MD, Kim Johnston Executive Search said: Recruiting the right person during a recession isn't as easy as it sounds. Yes, there's a lot of available talent due to cut backs and lay offs, but it can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack as you are likely to receive many more applications than you normally would.

Any organisation relies on its talent to carry it forward and so recruiting requires a systematic and deliberate approach to attract, develop and then maintain the people with the necessary capabilities.

Essentially you need to know exactly what you're looking for - what skills gaps you need to plug. Having a set of requirements against which all candidates will be measured will save you time when looking at applications, as it will allow you to easily rule many out.

Once you've shortlisted, interviewed and spotted a strong candidate, it's as important for you to sell your company to them as it is for them to sell themselves to you. Let them know how they'll benefit from being a part of your organisation. Remember good people don't move for money. They move for better positions and more responsibility.

Expertise is required to identify and attract the right person and using a headhunter can help. Matching skills, experience and personality to the job specification and culture of your business takes careful planning and strategic evaluation. But get it right and it will enhance your business performance and keep you a step ahead of your competitors emerging from recession.


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