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Holiday clouds come with just a hint of silver lining

By David Elliot

As the roads start to empty and the mood starts to lift ahead of the holiday period we have the usual mixed bag of business news which will lift your spirits and then promptly dash them again like an angry ocean.

First off, not one but two companies heading into administration, both of which have been victims of the downturn in the economy and in their respective fields.

The extent to which the current phase of economic decline has been felt is put into perspective by the fact that both have been successfully trading for many years - one for 50 and the other for more than 100.

This, more than anything, puts into perspective the extraordinary times businesses have been living through recently and proves that no company is immune, no matter how long they've been trading.

But we need to send you off on your holidays with a spring in your step and today we've found that on the road.

A slight rise in new car sales might not sound like much but it's the type of thing to peak excitement amongst the numbers people.

If people go out and buy new cars then they're feeling more confident about their own finances, about their job security and about the future in general.

Therefore a slight upturn - particularly after months of decline - is a welcome sign and should at least leave you heading off on you holidays with a warm glow of comfort.

Of course, that might just be the sugar rush from the chocolate eggs.