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Jobs are king is key Axiom

By David Elliot

What a week it's turned out to be so far. No sooner had the First and Deputy First Ministers landed in the good ole US of A than the investment announcements started pouring in.

The cynics amongst you will think this is all the result of a meticulously planned media strategy but I pour scorn on your cynicism and petrol on the smouldering embers of hope.

That hope emanates from the likes of the First Minister who's voiced his keeness for us to fill these pages with good business news and has gone all the way across the pond to make sure we're not short of material.

Oddly enough the first announcement came not from the US but from Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster and Employment Minister Stephen Farry who announced they've attracted US-owned Axiom to set up here and create 102 jobs.

Law firm Axiom won't be competing for legal work here but servicing global clients.

Of course, the £1.1m from Invest NI and £490,000 from DEL helped sweeten the decision to come to Belfast but nevertheless both these organisations are doing what's asked of them and helping bring foreign direct investment here. It wasn't that long ago Invest NI was being criticised for not spending enough of its budget so it would be hypocritical to criticise it for shelling out less than £10,000 a job in exchange for positions which are each going to command a salary many times that rate.