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Laurie's L'Oreal deal shows he's worth it too

Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl Cole... Now the pantheon of L'Oreal faces has been joined by the craggy-faced thespian and musician Hugh Laurie.

Going for ... er ... unconventionally handsome men in advertising campaigns has already paid off for Northern Ireland's Hughes Insurance, whose latest campaign is graced by Grimes and McKee. And as a tactic to make the concept of male cosmetics a bit less alienating to the average Joe, hiring the Cambridge blue-turned Renaissance man just might work.

Laurie, whose portrayal of a bad-tempered doctor in House has won him millions of fans, admitted he thought it was a joke when he was first approached. L'Oreal brand president Cyril Chapuy described Mr Laurie as "the perfect example of a modern man".

Followers of Laurie's TV career must be wondering what Bertie Wooster would make of of it all.