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Malone on rocky road to Virgin Media buyout

David Elliott

Apparently US billionaire John Malone is in talks to buy Richard Branson's cable company Virgin Media.

Good luck to him I say, not without proper forethought.

Having spent hours of my life on the phone to the company's 'customer service' division and good sized chunks of my disposable income on its TV services, I've become disillusioned with Virgin Media.

That's not to mention the time spent disposing of the leaflets dropped through my door and the letters addressed to "The Occupier" urging me to sign up to the service even though I'm signed up to the hilt.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of its uberfast broadband service and I would rather put my money behind a Branson venture than many other soulless organisations out there.

But why can't companies like Virgin Media provide a decent customer experience once you've signed up with them? Why do they keep you on hold for hours on end before deigning to speak to you? Is the customer still always right?

I'll say it again, good luck to you Mr Malone.

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