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No time like home time

By David Elliot

There can be few less subtle hints than being sent a story about national Go Home On Time Day by a colleague.

Convinced it was a prank, the story was ignored until now but as it's well after going home time it has been resurrected for the purposes of this column.

The good people at charity Working Links have organised the day which is aimed at encouraging people to think about how they balance their work and home lives. A survey of those still in the newsroom found the charity's recommendation that a senior member of staff has a "ceremonial switch-off" at going home time and wishes everyone a pleasant evening. And had there been anyone still around there would have been plenty of support for the push to "avoid planning meetings that will start within an hour of their usual finishing time". But ironically, delving into Go Home On Time day has made me not go home on time.


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