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Peter was right to stick boot in

You can only imagine there'll be a run on black polish in the shops around Westminster if the Treasury officials berated by the first minister did what they were told on Tuesday night.

He told them to 'look at their shoes' as he lambasted them for obstructing the move to devolve corporation tax setting powers to Stormont and no doubt some were wishing they'd adhered to a more stringent polishing regime.

Peter Robinson's rhetoric at the event belays how much he knows about the processes within the Treasury and, in particular, why Northern Ireland doesn't have an answer on corporation tax, never mind a positive outcome.

Mr Robinson is a measured man and he will have known what he was doing by coming out with such provocative words.

In one way his actions at the Westminster event seemed to fly in the face of good sense by getting under the skin of the very people which the group had hoped to woo.

It's easy to imagine those who have worked tirelessly trying to pursuade the Treasury that a corporation tax cut is a good thing would also have been staring, cringing, at their shoes as Mr Robinson spoke.

Maybe Mr Robinson felt it was time to start playing hardball?

The first minister has certainly taken the fight to the front line and shown he means business.

If he's correct then questions need to be asked about who is running the Treasury because this isn't the way it's supposed to be.


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