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Quiet time allows our high-flyers to take off

By David Elliot

And the orders keep coming. As the Farnborough Airshow gathers pace the world's airline bosses seem to have loosened their grasp on the purse strings and ordered a few more of Bombardier's C-Series aeroplanes.

As we've already mentioned at length, that's good news for the Northern Ireland arm of the Canadian airline giant as the wings of the jet are going to be made at a spanking new factory on these very shores.

And if there was a worry about the skill base of our workforce then that's being addressed, albeit at the higher end of the education spectrum, by the launch of an MSc in aerospace engineering.

The show runs all week and we can only hope that we hear more of these announcements which bode well for our growing expertise in the business of making planes.

So while the aeronautical industry continues to fill up the order book, the rest of us are looking ahead to the holidays and a quieter time in the office.

But rather than down tools and relax too much, the enterprising amongst you out there will be using this time to come up with new ways to boost your business, whether it be becoming more efficient, introducing new revenue streams or even starting brand new businesses.

Recent surveys show the economy here continues to grind along in first gear and only by being at the top of our game are we going to change that.

There's no point hanging around and waiting for the global economy to pick up pace; we need to be eeking out the tiny pockets of profit which can prove lucrative if we can only identify them. That's where the holiday period can prove useful, giving everyone in business a break from the daily grind and allowing the great minds of the Northern Ireland business community to come up with the next big thing in their field of business.

So while we could all do with a holiday, we should use it wisely.