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Ramsay's in-law row is a recipe for disaster

He is the host of Kitchen Nightmares - now his nightmare has crossed the threshold into the boardroom.

Fiery chef Gordon Ramsay is engulfed in a grubby business and personal row with his father-in-law.

Mr Ramsay sacked Chris Hutcheson, after 12 years as business partners - now Mr Ramsay has written an open letter to his mother-in-law (via The Evening Standard newspaper) asking her to stop "punishing" his wife Tana.

Mr Hutcheson had earlier said his son-in-law had turned into 'a monster' who sacked him "in a public hanging".

Mr Ramsay's difficulties have been well-documented, with his company suffering serious losses but these latest developments are the most unfortunate yet.

A cautionary tale against any recipe which involves mixing business with in-laws, perhaps.


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