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Things can only get better? D:Ream on

By David Elliot

Back in the 90s, Tony Blair used the song Things Can Only Get Better by locally-led group D:Ream as the theme tune to his ascension to government.

Ahead of yesterday's revised GDP results it's fair to assume David Cameron must have been humming the same upbeat tune as he looked around at the crumbling walls of the eurozone and the double-dipped UK economy.

"Surely," he probably thought as the sun poured through the Downing Street blinds, "we're on our uppers?".

Well it turns out things actually got a little bit worse than we thought in the first quarter of the year with the UK economy shrinking by 0.3% rather than the 0.2% we first thought.

Now 0.1% might not sound like much but it's a dent to already dented confidence that the economy could do without.

Greece has taken the wind out of the sails of what was a fairly steady recovery and that means our companies will have to work even harder to make it through these tough times.

One company which knows that more than most is W-amp;G Baird, a firm which has come through many booms and recessions in its 150 year history.

Speaking to its owners it's plain to see that being adaptable, in everything from technology to production to selling, is key. If we can follow the lead of that company, which built the building from which these words are written, then things really can only get better for the rest of us.


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