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We need winners to save the economy too

By David Elliot

As Cheltenham begins there will no doubt be a pound or two frittered away on horses which promise much but fail to deliver.

If estimates are to be believed, up to £1bn could be spent in the coming day.

While most - punters and horses - will go home with their tails between their legs, there will be one or two who hold the winning ticket and strike gold, and even those who lose probably won't be put off putting on a bet in the future.

It's that sort of attitude which the Northern Ireland economy needs if it's to lift itself out of the grip of economic downturn.

For every entrepreneur whose company makes millions, there are hundreds more who see their idea fail at one of the hurdles set up to catch them.

While we need plenty of people willing to run the race once, the ones we really want to nurture are those who'll pick themselves up after falling over, go back to the start and run again.

If we can find those type of people our economy will be safe as houses. Bad analogy. Let's just say they'll be a safe bet.


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