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Yahoo! finally mounts a creditable challenge

By David Elliot

You've got to admire Marissa Mayer's guts. Stepping into the hot seat at the top of Yahoo! is not for the faint hearted, especially after a year which has seen CEOs of the internet giant change more often than the tide.

But it seems Ms Mayer, who is expecting her first child in October, is hot property in the internet world having been poached from a highly successful career at Google where she was the company's first female engineer.

It's a bold move for Yahoo! but after lagging behind the market leader for so many years it makes sense to poach one the people responsible for keeping it in second place.

If Mayer can bring the type of focus to Yahoo! which seemed to go walkabout from the firm after its early meterioric success then it won't be long before the brand is once again credible competition to the behemoth that is Google.


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