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Embellishing CV will catch up with you

Question : Uncertainty surrounding the accuracy of the Yahoo CEO's CV shows what can happen when a CV comes under scrutiny. But surely some level of CV embellishment is just par for the course and to be expected by employers?

Answer: John Moore, director at Hays in Northern Ireland, says:

As recent news headlines suggest, even CEOs aren't immune to problems created by inaccuracies on their CVs.

Not only can this cost employees their positions but it can also be embarrassing and damaging to their employers.

Increasing competition in the marketplace inevitably puts pressure on candidates to stand out from the crowd and can even tempt some into embellishing their CV.

However, stretching the truth on your CV is a waste of time. Jobseekers who lie on their CV stand a greater chance than ever of being caught out and that's thanks to stricter checks and measures, including using social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Be assured that HR departments and reputable recruitment agencies always carry out thorough employment and qualification background checks - and there's an ever growing suite of tools now for employers to ensure they are hiring who they think they are.

When looking for a new job, jobseekers should carefully consider the roles that they apply for and ensure that the roles are a genuinely good fit for their skills.

If jobseekers approach their job search correctly and invest the time to sell the skills and qualifications they do have, they should have no reason to stretch the truth on their CV.


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