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Companies' procurement opportunity

By David Elliott

Small businesses will get a chance to make a good impression with some of the main buyers from Northern Ireland's and the Republic's biggest companies and government organisation later this week.

The Meet the Buyer event, to be held in Cookstown on Thursday, will see around 350 small companies meet with 22 buying organisations in along with the Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) and the National Procurement Service (Ireland).

Organisers IntertradeIreland said the latter two organisation will help to demystify the procurement process and highlight opportunities for businesses to compete for significant government contracts, both north and south.

Margaret Hearty, InterTradeIreland director of Business Programmes and Services, believes that small businesses cannot afford to ignore this opportunity.

"The perception of tendering and procurement being intimidating and bureaucratic can stop businesses, particularly SMEs from competing for potentially lucrative contracts when the reality is that because of their size, they may be best placed to offer flexibility, value and innovative solutions to meet the demands of buyers in the public sector," she said .

There is still time to register for the event by visiting the website