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Monday 21 April 2014

Executive must nurture economic recovery: CBI

Economic recovery will be slow this year so the onus will be on the Executive to deliver on its commitments during 2010, the new head of the CBI in Northern Ireland has today warned.

Terence Brannigan said: “We need to nurture the fragile economic recovery which is starting to take hold and avoid doing anything which could undermine it. The Executive must not take the economic recovery for granted.”

The CBI chairman, who is CEO of Northern Ireland’s largest private sector employer Resource, identified a number of priorities for 2010 including:

  • Maintaining public investment in capital projects
  • Developing a comprehensive export strategy
  • Continuing to promote investment in R&D and innovation
  • Building on the MATRIX report and the Regional Innovation Strategy while also taking advantage of opportunities in the ‘green’ economy
  • Ensuring we are delivering skills which can support economic recovery
  • Creating a more ‘can-do’ and entrepreneurial culture across government.

Mr Brannigan added: “I am looking forward to representing the interests of the business community. Getting our economy moving and back to a position of strength is essential.

“There is a need to build confidence and we should also celebrate success and recognise the achievements of business. Attainment of our other social and environmental goals will not come without a successful economy.”