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Gagging the gossip in business isn't worth it

By David Elliott

Super-injunctions? Surely they're only to cover up the misdemeanours of superstar footballers?

But maybe the struggling economies of the eurozone will consider their use to cover up their indebtness.

Now that would make some interesting headlines but while the current revelations in the entertainment sphere have shown that social media can now overrule news from trusted sources, the markets would brush such inconveniences off with barely a shrug.

Financial markets have had their own social media structure ever since Mr Dow and Mr Jones produced their first Wall Street newsletter.

Gossip and news can spread around the stock exchanges in London, New York and Singapore like wildfire, often well before it appears in print and often with enough credence to move share or money prices.

Super-injunctions are already in place in the form of a regulated news service, but news still leaks. It always will.

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