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Friday 18 April 2014

Government urged to help young people into work

A business group has urged the Government to target regulation and rising youth unemployment in next week's autumn statement.

The Federation of Small Businesses said Chancellor George Osborne should adopt measures to get young people into work before they become detached from the labour market.

The FSB called for measures in next Tuesday's autumn statement to reduce the price of fuel, to remove "burdensome" employment regulations, simplify the tax regime for the smallest firms, and give small companies better access to the £240bn pot spent by the public sector.

Chairman John Walker said: "Conditions in the eurozone remain a major source of instability and uncertainty, but there are still actions the Government can take to foster business confidence and remove barriers to job creation.

"The autumn statement must bring in measures to address the longer-term structural issues which are holding back enterprise and job creation. Too often, the impression is that good intentions are not translated into tangible benefits for businesses."