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Laptop heat is burning issue for top executives

By Margaret Canning

Just as lots of copy has been filed by NI business people from the Conservative Party conference, we can also expect plenty of news from the Washington US:NI investment conference in two weeks' time.

Sex and the City's fictional journalist Carrie Bradshaw popularised the "type on laptop while sat on bed" method of writing - so harsh on the knees it can't be sustained for more than five minutes.

There is more reason than ever to be worried about the means by which copy reaches us from exotic locations, after doctors warned of 'toasted skin syndrome'.

The heat generated by the underside of the computer is enough to cause a rash, especially if used against bare skin.

A 12-year-old suffered skin damage after playing games for hours - so business people, be warned - and remember, that desk's there for a reason!

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