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Lunch isn't for wimps: Murphy Brown's Cavehill Road, Belfast

By Louise Small

I had a spare afternoon and decided to catch up with a friend.

Setting out on a road trip we didn't get too far and stopped off at Murphy Brown's for lunch.

My dining partner recommended the restaurant, she had previously tried the cuisine and raved about it.

We were seated at the door in the middle of the room, when the restaurant was basically empty and there was plenty of space towards the front.

The staff took our order swiftly.

My friend chose potato skins with bacon and cheese and I opted for the steak ciabatta with chips.

When the meals arrived they looked superb.

That was until the first bite.

I cannot complain about the bread or the peppered sauce or the onions, but the steak pieces looked like dreadlocks.

I tried to gracefully chew through one, which reminded me of tasteless boil in the bag beef.

I swept the meat aside and ate the carbs that littered my plate.

My dining partner's face was a picture as she chewed and chewed and chewed at the potato skins.

After asking for a sweet chilli dip to moisten them slightly, she still wasn't impressed.

The waitresses were friendly and helpful when taking our order, but I did want a dessert afterwards, but no one came near us to clear our plates.

The bill came to £14.50.