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'My big deal with Japan made my week exciting and a real challenge'

Every week a businessperson tells us how their week has been in both business and leisure. This week, it's the turn of Paul Brown, CEO of Belfast tech firm DisplayNote, which just has just won a major deal in Japan.

This week business has been...

Exciting, chaotic and challenging in equal measure. Our business has made massive advances in global distribution deals, including news this week to include our flagship software on all NEC PCs in Japan.

We have been working with its projector and display division for the past two years but to win business with the largest provider of PCs in the Japanese domestic market, is validation of our commitment to build a global brand. The chaos of getting a new product ready for its first showcase at the world's largest audio visual trade show (Infocomm, Orlando) has kept the sales, marketing and development teams on their toes.

I am comforted knowing that it is not just us that experience the pre-trade show chaos. Of course, this week was no different from any other in facing challenges in the business. Challenges often come from unexpected angles, but the confidence in having a strong team around us with a can-do attitude drives us forward.

This week I've been eating...

A little bit like our First Minister (in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph shortly after suffering a heart attack, Peter Robinson told us he'd been on a diet of "two Chinese meals, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a McDonald's and a cowboy supper, plus the normal meals you get at business lunches and all the rest of it".) It has been one of those weeks where lunch has been an idea instead of a reality.

This week I was socialising...

With my wonderful wife on our first outing since the birth of our fourth child. We managed to get out for a delicious meal at Made in Belfast followed by a relaxing coffee in the Merchant Hotel.

This week I was reading...

Press releases, product reviews and far too many emails. I only manage to get social reading done when sitting on a plane these days.

This week...

I was watching the Champions League final which I had recorded. Great game and well worth a second watch.

This week I was listening to...

Katie Perry, Ella Henderson and various other pop princesses. I must add that it was while my own three little princesses danced around the room. I think I know all the words... "you're gonna here me roar... oh, oh, oh, oh".

My guilty pleasure of the week...

Was waiting for my wife to get up and give the baby his bottle as I rolled over and went back to sleep.

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