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New M&S boss means new fashion lines but do they measure up?

By Frances Burscough

Per Una: I love the red dress from the Per Una collection and would wear it myself. The colour of carnation is glorious and is one shade from next spring's palette that suits any complexion.

I am sure it will be a popular choice for a cross-section of women because its 1970s peasant look will appeal to women of a certain age (mine!) who remember that era with fondness, but also to the hippie chicks of the present day who want to emulate the same style.

The bias-cut chiffon is a fabulous choice for a maxi dress because it gives that romantic floaty look, which is so flattering to all shapes and sizes. Definitely a winner.

Jacket, skirt and shoes from Limited Edition: In contrast, I couldn't feel less enthusiastic for this mismatched combo.

The A-line mini looks as stiff and unflattering as an A1 sheet of cardboard. The greyish sporty top is the wrong shade to wear with a white skirt because it gives the impression of something that got accidentally stuck in the laundry with a black sock.

As for the floral sateen bomber jacket, Mary Berry would love it, but I can't imagine ever wearing one. The only item I would consider would be the silver loafers, which look really comfortable - M&S shoes are always beautifully made.

Satin dress with T-shirt: I think this silver satin dress is stunning, but I would certainly not have styled it with a white T-shirt as shown here. I can see what they are trying to do - make an edgy statement by mixing two very different elements - but for me it does not work. So it's a thumbs-up to the body-con dress with lingerie styling, but a thumbs-down to the way it is being worn.

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