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Thursday 24 April 2014

New recession jargon slipping into workplaces

The recession has led to a new wave of "irritating jargon" infiltrating workplaces, including the term CCs - for credit crunch and current climate, according to a new report today.

Research by recruitment firm Office Angels showed a raft of "cringeworthy and confusing" terms being used by office workers for the first time this year.

Jargon included Clocking Real Mileage (meaning, a really strong idea), A High Altitude View (taking a step back) and Feeling Stressurised (a mixture of stress and pressure).

David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels said: "People may think they seem more professional by using office jargon, but my advice would be that nothing beats honesty and plain talking.

"Concentrate on communicating clearly to ensure everyone can work efficiently and prevent your colleagues from being baffled."